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End Grain, Long Grain, Huh?

Every topic has its own lingo, so we have a few explanations to help you understand us woodheads. This one is to describe the difference between the two major constructions of cutting boards.


Wood is constructed of fibers. When we refer to these fibers, we talk about grain. The majority of the time we see wood, we‘re looking at the side of these fibers, and the grain is „running“ from side-to-side or top-to-bottom. This is the long grain; also called edge grain, face grain, or side grain. End grain is the result of rotating the wood, so we‘re looking at the ends of the fibers, and the grain is pointing at us. 


OK it looks different. So what? 


The difference isn‘t just about looks. No matter how good the wood is or how well the cutting board is taken care of; when you cut on the long grain, you are going to damage the fibers and eventually start cutting through them. When you cut on the end grain, the blade goes between the fibers, greatly reducing the damage to the board and wear on the cutting edge of the knife.. 


The next time you‘re at the butcher, look at the table behind the counter. They cut the meat on an end grain cutting board or the whole tabletop is end grain. 


Now that you know the difference, take a look at our wide selection of boards. 

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