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Shelby Cutting Board

Shelby Cutting Board

SKU: CBF0-S592
۞ Size: 30x41.5x1.5 cm

۞ Woods: Elm, Oak, Sipo
۞ Model: Shelby
۞ Batch size: 3 pieces
۞ Finish: Food safe beeswax finish


This is a lovely example of our Shelby style Cutting Board. We hand picked the Sipo, also called African Mahogony; the Oak, a strong light brown hardwood; and the Elm, a mellow red that deepens over time, to create this board. This board is Full-size to provide ample working area. It is part of a three-piece batch. Due to the natural variance inherant in wood and hand-made items, this exact constellation of color, grain, and proportion will never be created again.The grain patterns of the board you receive may differ from the board in the picture. We never use stains or dyes, and we hand-finish our boards with our own natural beeswax finish. We want the natural beauty of the wood to show through.

Our long grain cutting boards are made to last, and we are happy to put our word on it. For as long as you have the board, you can send it back to us for a beauty treatment. We will sand, oil and re-brand the board to bring back any glamour it may have lost over the years. You need only cover the shipping. We are so proud of our boards, we burn our emblem into the surface, so you never need to worry about finding a receipt or guarantee card.

We personally make everyone of our products by hand. Brasswood Handwork isn't about trying to make as many of something as fast as we can. We start by going to a local lumber yard and searching through the available selection. Before we buy anything we inspect it for grain, color, and quality of the wood. This isn't building lumber, it doesn't come cut into boards and planed smooth. After planing and cutting the wood into useful sizes, we start to plan the combinations of woods with the items we want to make. Next we glue the wood together to make our blanks, then more planing, then more cutting, then sometimes more gluing/planing/cutting. Finally we get to sanding, and sanding, and sanding, and sanding. After another inspection and cleaning we get to the branding. We don't put on a label, or use an ink stamp. We use a brand and burn our name into every piece we make. Finally the finish can be applied. As with everything else, this is done by hand. Throughout the entire process little parts are touched up or redone, so the final product is always something we are proud of.
    110,00 €Price

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